Setting up authentication with AccountManager the hard way

This method of setting up authentication is using the default login mechanism of HTTP, then setting up a password file from there.

First, if not configured, set up HTTP authentication in your apache server to login in as an admin account, and restart your server

Install the Trac AccountManager plugin if it's not already installed.

Login to your trac project site as the admin account, and choose the admin tab.

Choose the plugin menu from the General section. This brings up the plugins, and choose the account manager plugin. This brings up the options for the account manager. Enable the options required.

Now, account manager settings should appear in the admin section.

Choose configuration

Depending on your settings, choose a file for your digest or passwd file, and click save.

Click on the user menu. Add an admin user and a general user if not using a shared account file or they don't exist.

If your new general user needs more permissions, click on permissions to set it up.

Now, in your trac.ini file, add the following line in the components section

trac.web.auth.loginmodule = disabled

Finally, remove the HTTP authentication from the web server and restart the server again.