Android Applications

We are very excited about the future of Android and have begun to determine what extra functionality people will need with their devices from day to day.  We believe the following productivity applications will enhance the usability of your devices and your daily activities.


Currently Released

My Note Taker - A simple note taking application, featuring voice recording, categories, themes, and the ability to export and import your notes, particularly useful for backing up your data.  Future releases will allow sharing notes, and attach photos as well to notes.

My Time Tracker - Simple time tracking application that allows you to track time against different tasks and jobs.  Import and export functionality as well as weekly and monthly reports.

My Car Finder - A full featured car finder, this app allows you to remember where you parked your car using a variety of methods.  'Park' your car where you're standing with a touch of a button or choose a spot on the map.  Can't get a GPS fix and/or no net access?  Take a photo of your spot!  Also, you can add a note to further supplement your location or stand by itself.  Once you have your car remembered, use the handy compass and/or map to show where and how far your car is, or use Google's or other third party navigation system to find it.  Sounds good?  You can also keep track how long you've parked, and how long you have left if you're at a timed meter.



My Little Helper - A small application that provides a organized view of our apps as well as others, including a summary view that displays important information right away.

My Voice Recorder - A simple voice recorder that captures your short notes and save them on your SD card.   

My Auto Log - An auto logger that tracks the distance used for a particular purpose.  Mostly intended to capture work related miles/kilometers, it allows automatic capturing via the GPS, or also by manual entry.

My List Minder - This application helps you track all of you lists that you need in life, work, and play.  There are currently 6 types of lists that you can create such as grocery lists and to do lists with reminders.  There will be sample lists that you can download and import into My List Minder that will provide filled in lists for commonly used lists.

My Thing Finder - An unusual take on a car finder type app, this application allows you to remember anything from a set of items in a particular location with a touch of a button, then later allow you to find that 'thing' by providing a compass pointing towards your item, including the distance.  You can also view your item on Google Maps, allowing you to use Google's navigation tools if need be.  Can't get a GPS fix?  If you have My Voice Recorder or My Note Taker installed, leave yourself a note on where you left your item.  For example, just say "I parked in row G on level 3" and play it back later if you forget.

My Shopping Buddy - Build grocery lists easy by touching on your usual items, track average prices to see if the deal is really a deal, and if you're on a budget, track how much you're spending while at the store while checking things off. 

My Travel Buddy - Have fun with your trip the easy way.  Keep track of things to see, daily journals, quick launch to recognized installed apps, a nicer alarm clock, and a quick view of your itinerary all in one.  Download one of our sample pre-trip checklists and import it to ensure you haven't forgotten anything!

My Pill Reminder - simple reminder of when and how much medication to take.